18 December, 2010

Riding the Bridgestone

I swapped the throttle assembly from Salty, onto the Bridgestone this morning. Since it was originally built for the Bridgestone 3 years ago, if fit perfectly. So of course I instantly rolled it out, fired it up, and decided to take it down the road.

1/4 turn throttle:

It ran fantastic, for roughly 1.5 blocks. Then it came to a quick stop. I had no spark, so I hit up the wiring. For some reason a crimp connector I had put together came loose. So I fixed it. And it ran again. In fact, it ran great. I'm pretty used to my 50cc pushrod Honda four-strokes, so a high revving 90cc 2-stroke feels pretty damn powerful!

So I proceeded to rid the neighborhood of all bug life by blasting my smoke machine for a few miles. I never got into 4th gear, but 1st through 3rd went smoothly. I need to make a quick adjustment to the clutch lever arm, and fab up a small return spring.

I also fabbed up a front fork brace, made of 1/4" thick 1" strap that I bent around a 3" mandrel at work, on the rebar bender. Fit perfect.

But overall, I'm pretty pleased. This was the first time I've ever ridden a Bridgestone, after roughly 4 years of ownership.