12 December, 2010

Foot pegs and brake arm

I never really fabbed up footpegs or a rear brake setup on the Bridgestone. I had the passenger footpegs installed on the swingarm, but unfortunately they were just a tad low to fit a brake lever under, yet clear the exhaust. So long afternoon made short, I made some.

Aluminum piece gets bolted into stock passenger footpeg location on swingarm. The right side bracket is drilled and tapped for a Honda footpeg, and for a mounting bolt that secures a Yamaha gearshift lever:

Left side bracket only contains the footpeg:

I also remembered that the Bridgestone uses a small support bracket, that goes from the frame neck down to the engine. So I cleaned one up and mounted it. Strangely, the two brackets I had, one for a Sport and one for a Trail, were made differently. I have no idea which one I used:

Doesn't seem like much, but it took a few hours to get everything fabbed up, cleaned, polished, painted, and mounted.


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