07 December, 2010

Dirty Stator/Flywheel

I had a note on the side of the engine case on the Bridgestone that read "flywheel nut is loose, never looked at stator." So I pulled off the side case, and realized I had no way to remove the flywheel. So I built a special tool!

Extra fancy washer with large nut welded to it. The eagle eyes will note that is a Subaru strut-to-hub bolt and nut. The three small bolts thread into the flywheel, and the big bolt gets tightened against the end of the crank snout. It popped right off with minimal fuss.

And much to my delight, the flywheel looked like this:

And the stator assembly looked like this:

I gave everything a thorough cleaning, a quick emery of the points (which looked quite new) and oiling of the felt. And I of course mounted everything back up after I forgot to snap any pictures of it all clean.

Next, I need to turn my attention to the wiring. I have a diagram in the service manual, and everything seems relatively straight forward. But I don't have spark at the plug.


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Jordan Walker said...

Same here, did all of the above and even got new condensor and points then it won't even spark, i'm about to sell this sears and roebuck bike... Not worth all the damned trouble.