11 December, 2010

Holy Smokes!

After wiring up the Bridgestone with a simple on/off rocker switch, and running a fuel line with a small filter, I put a qt of premix in the tank and fired it up. It literally fired on the first kick, but died after a couple seconds. With a quick adjustment of the idle speed, it fired up and ran quite well with just a bit of choke. After 30 seconds, it didn't need a choke at all, and took throttle with a crisp bark of that typical 2-stroke bite:

Unfortunately I apparently stole the aftermarket throttle assembly off the Bridgestone to use on the Honda C110 project, so I had to blip the throttle by pulling the wire. I'll need to order up a new throttle assembly and figure out how to mount up the choke cable.

In summary: It RUNS!!!!

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