23 October, 2010

Spanish Shocks from England

My Betor Expert Trials shocks arrived from England today, after spending a whopping 3 days in transit. Thank you FedEx. I ordered from England because most of the US Trials/Vintage bike companies were more expensive for the same part, and/or didn't have them in stock. As it happens, Sammy Miller Products had the exact pair I wanted in stock, and shipped the same day I submitted my order.

That's right, Competicion

Mmmmm, so pretty

I had to modify the upper and lower bushings to fit the bike, using bushing collars from the spares bins to fit the 10mm lower bolt and 14mm upper bolts/ But other than that, they bolted right on. What's nice is that they have adjustable lower spring perches and a nitrogen valve for adding gas under the piston. I've currently got ride height set at the second snap ring from the bottom, with three more rings above to increase preload.

Roughly 2.5" increased height front and rear

Upper mounts needed new 14mm sleeves to fit over the larger Trail 55 upper mounts:

Next project is to get the new bars installs, with a new throttle assembly I've ordered for 7/8" bars. And then I need to think about moving the footpegs back a bit, as they are too far forward for getting the front wheel up and over obstacles.


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