24 October, 2010

Motorcycle parts organization - part 1

I am taking on the overwhelming task of organizing all of spare parts from my many bike projects. This includes the partially assembled parts bikes, and the many many many boxes of random stuff throughout the garage, storage building, and side yard.

Job #1 was to put up some new shelves in the garage. But since it has been raining all weekend, I haven't had a chance to get my shelving material. So I've jumped into Job #2, which is to organize the parts. I had some spare shipping boxes and made up some labels to identify the categories. Long story short, I got busy organizing today. I can tell already this is going to take a while. I have lots of treasures!


1 comment:

Chalopy said...

Don't forget to airmail the box marked with "C110-engine-parts-for-Ralph".. ;)