26 October, 2010

Old Man River

I took the day off today to spend my birthday hanging out with my little Mexican. We ate, shopped, watched movies, and I drank and brewed some beer. Overall, a great day.

I made a good haul too, as shown below:

Yes, two pairs of New Balance shoes (thanks Craigs and Susan) two beer shirts (thanks Panama) and two CDs. One is a "Book on CD" of three different Ken Follet novels. The other is a Phil Collins greatest hits. Hells yeah. a 6-pack of brew was also in the mix, but those are chillin' in the fridge already.

This evening I started a brew for a Christmas Ale. It has some orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, and some Willamette hops for a 15 minute boil. It smelled super yummy! I'm hoping this will be ready for some Xmas sipping.



kath said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo. Sounds like you took time off to savour the occasion all over the place! I was thinking of the day you were born. It was cool with showers. I went into labour about 2am, got to the hospital at 3am. You were born about 5am and we went home from the hospital at 2pm that afternoon. All in all, a day well spent by me!
Again, Happy 36th and many more
Love, Mum & Mr. A

sean said...

Happy birthday! I dig the shoes. I will refrain from commenting on the book/music selections...