08 October, 2010

Random Weekend Activities

After a few too many busy weekends, I decided to try and lay low this weekend at home. Since I've been planning on laying low, that means I've made up a list of way too many "projects" to work on. In no particular order:

-brew up a batch of a coffee stout beer
-attend Octoberfest, as listed in below post
-celebrate the old ladies birthday Sunday
-clean the garage, as it is currently a giant pit of disaster
-make some front fork and rear shock extensions for the Trials bike
-swap cylinders on Salty to a standard low compression cylinder and see if I can get it running better
-if the above occurs, attempt to actually ride him down the street
-mow the lawn

Reality will prove that I dont come close to finishing half of these tasks, and instead lay on my ass watching TV and drinking beer.

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