16 October, 2010

More work on the Trials bike

I needed to make a little tab for the "passenger" side front leading link, that would hold the front drum brake backing plate from spinning. I cut a short piece of the same aluminum I made the arms out of, shaped it to fit the slot, drilled and tapped it, then attached it to the leading link. Long story short, it fits. It still needs some smoothing and finish work:

The 49-tooth rear sprocket off the parts bike cleaned up well:

And it mounted up on the Trials bike. I had to shorten the chain a few links too:

I had been running the 72-tooth rear sprocket overlay from the Trail 55, but I found it produced gearing that was WAY too short. I actually ran some trials sections in 2nd gear, as using 1st gear found me running in the upper rpm range which was more difficult to be smooth with. I'm hoping this slightly taller gearing will let me use 1st gear for all sections, and give me better gearing for the short burst on gravel lanes to get from section to section.


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