28 July, 2010

One More 50cc Beast Joins the Stable

Look what followed me home today. A 1965 Honda C100. Yes, another one. This one is all original, as sold at Oroville Honda many moons ago. Been in a garage for about 20 years. The front fender is damaged, and it is missing the leg shield, but has the original chain guard.

The seat was even freshly upholstered by a shop up in Paradise.

$180. How could I resist? Oh, and it came with a second stock chrome muffler.

I have plans for this beast. It includes riding around very slowly, going over (small) obstacles, and not falling over. I'll let you ponder that for a moment (don't tell them Sean, as I'm sure you can guess.) Hopefully, I can throw this bike together in a working fashion over the next week, and make an event next weekend. If not, I'll hit up an event in September.


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