31 July, 2010

I got busy first thing this morning, working on the C100 build. For those that haven't guessed yet, I'm doing a Trials build. The cliff notes of a trials event is that you ride around slowly, going over and around obstacles, while not putting a foot down or falling over. Sounds pretty simple, huh?

I have no aspirations for being good at Trials, but I wanted to give it a go. Luckily there is a very active NorCal Trials group with half a dozen sites, including one in Orland. They run events that have multiple lanes, from novice to expert. Expert Trials riders scale huge boulders and hop over trees and ditches. Novice riders just try not to crash at 4mph. That is my speed.

A 50cc Cub is very small for a Trials bike, but I like small bikes. I figured a cub would be easy for me to build because I have lots of spares collected for them, including major items like engines, wheels, suspension etc. I also liked the idea of a 3-speed semi-auto transmission with no clutch. One less thing to worry about when I'm navigating the novice lane.

I gave all the parts a good thorough pressure washing this morning:

After a session of sanding and scuffing, I washed everything again. Then I primed and painted most of the key parts by early evening:

I need to clean a batch of nuts and bolts, then I can see about fitting some sub-assemblies together tomorrow.


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