31 May, 2010

A Weekend at the Rents

We ran up to Medford Saturday morning to spend a couple days at my parents new/old house. We still had a few items of theirs leftover from their move, so we loaded up big Hank and hit the road. Luckily, the Memorial Day weekend traffic wasn't bad at all. Here are some random pics of the journey:

Big Hank loaded up with random leftover move stuff

Mount Shasta in all its glory

Izzy likes to climb on the rear patio cover and peak down like ceiling cat

Mom's front seating area

Crazy tree in the front yard that has taken on a shape all its own

See Susan's post for the people and party snaps.



kath said...

Can I capture the photo of Izzie from your blog? I would like to have one for my screensaver slideshow.

Chris said...

You bet. Click on the photo, and it will appear full size. Then left click on the mouse and choose "save as" then tell it where you want it to be saved to.