23 May, 2010

Ratty gets a ratty muffler

While Ratty wasn't super loud, it wasn't quiet enough to make me feel comfortable about firing it up on a Sunday morning to go for a ride. Unless I wanted to be "that guy" in our neighborhood. So I had plans of making a muffler, or finding a muffler, or something.

Turns out, while looking for the license plate, I found an old muffler I had laying around from a Yamaha YSR50 I had years ago. I took it apart to inspect the guts, and found it in very usable condition. The fiberglass packing was decent, and not too oily. So, I welded up a new end cap that slipped into the exhaust pipe and bolted in. Results below.

Entire muffler is easily taken apart. The tail cap is held in place with a big ass cir-clip thingy, then the entire guts of the baffle with fiberglass packing pull right out.

Front piece just slides into the exhaust pipe, and bolts in place:

Overall, the sound is about 25% quieter, especially at a slightly high idle with just a tick of choke on.

After a busy day, now I sit on the couch with a mug of coffee, blogging and watching Sahara on the DVR.


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