11 May, 2010

Exhaust wrap, and some overall pics

My exhaust wrap came in today, after ordering it late Sunday morning. I picked up two rolls of DEI 1"x15' black exhaust wrap from Summit Racing. I've never used this stuff before, so I actually read the instructions before I got started. Crazy I know.

I soaked the wrap in water for a few minutes before I got started, which seamed to make it softer and easier to wrap.

I didn't get many shots during the wrapping process, mostly because I was covered in liquid black shit. That, and I had to keep a tight grip on it to keep the wrap tight around the pipe as I worked down the length. For those thinking about doing this, let me just say that a roll of 1" wide, 15' long wrap barely was enough. The 2" wrap would have covered more, but I was concerned it would be more difficult to use around the tight radius of the header pipe. I also used some stainless safety wire to secure the ends, and a couple other places along the pipe.

And now, a few shots of the bike. It is almost finished. I'm not fully satisfied with the side covers, so I brought home some random scraps of 1/8" diameter rod from work, that's been sitting int he scrap bin rusting away. I might make up a lattice type thing for the covers this weekend. We'll see.


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sean said...

Lookin' good!