13 May, 2010

Side "Covers" Round Duece

I know I already made some aluminum side covers, but I had originally sketched up a simple wire frame type contraption. So after collecting a bunch of old rusty rod from the work yard, I got busy. They aren't really covering anything, so they are pretty pointless. As is most of the bike.

I cut out a piece of foam to use a template, then placed the rods on the foam to get everything tacked in place. And yes, the foam melted.

I only made the driver side so far. It mounts much better than the flimsy aluminum covers, since the wires have some girth to them.

Another view.

The wire rod material was actually old ARC welding rods that had been sitting out in the dirt around the welded building for years. I just cut and bent them into shape using my incredibly strong hands and bench vice.

They don't stand out like the AL covers, but that might not be a bad thing. Not sure yet how I like them.


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