22 May, 2010

El Cheapo Helmet Paint Job

I had a spare old school DOT helmet that I plan on wearing when I ride Ratty. It was boring grey, and pretty ratty itself, dating back to 1994. I had various ideas of what I wanted, and finally got started this morning. It isn't done yet, because I'm not satisfied with the results of round 1. But, here is a quick review of today's activities, all done while sitting on the couch, watching some Nascar, and drinking beer. God bless America!

Spread out on the couch, just getting started:

Cutting out the stars with a razor blade:

tape, razor blade, paint, brushes, and some star templates thanks to Susan's craft room:

Main stars are about 1.5" across, both red and blue. I painted the entire helmet semi-gloss white this morning.

I made two of the stars on the top/back 3.5" across.

I intend to fill the void spaces with a bunch of smaller stars, since it looks a bit boring as it sits. And yes, I hand painted the stars, and intended them to look a bit roughed up. 5 minutes after applying the paint, I ran across them with the brush to give them a weathered look.

More tomorrow.


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