02 April, 2010

Wired and More Plaid

I decided to take a stab at wiring Ratty, at least in terms of the main harness, CDI box, and coil. Thanks to Tbolt, where I got the engine, they provided a basic wiring diagram on their technical pages giving me some guidance. It literally was a matter of red to red, black to black etc.

Complete harness as supplied, including additional wires for lighting:

Everything tucked inside the frame nicely:

I also decided to dress up the exhaust. This is a random front fork chrome cover tube thingy I had floating about that fit nicely over the pipe:

I'm not sure why, but I decided to upholster a "front seat" with the plaid leftover from doing the rear seat:

I've thought the bike looked a bit incomplete with the front seat missing. I think I'll still build the controls to fit me when I sit on the rear seat, but at least I'll have some options.

Now to drink some beer, after a productive evening in the garage.


1 comment:

sean said...

That's some serious plaid.