04 April, 2010

Early Inheritance

Yesterday was moving day for my folks, heading back up to Oregon. The moving truck wasn't quite big enough, and with time being limited, we needed to jump in and rescue a few loads of "extra stuff" over to our place. We actually get to keep a few of the pieces, including a pressure washer, big area rug, a lemon tree and small spruce tree, and various kitchen items Susan in excited about.

However, two other truck loads contained either stuff to donate, or better yet, stuff we get to hang onto for a couple months until we can haul it up to Oregon. What does that mean? see below.

BBQ, patio furniture, exercise bike, desk etc.

The important stuff found a home in the garage. I think progress on Ratty will slowed a bit.

By the time we got finished, it was after 2pm. So of course I need nourishment. Susan grabbed a few things when she was at Safeway. Then I settled in for a long evening of sore muscles on the couch.

Now I get to figure out how to get the crap tossed, the long term storage stuff actually stored, and my garage reclaimed. Fun!


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