24 April, 2010

Riding Ratty

Yep, I rode it! Roughly two months after starting this strange project, I took Ratty for its maiden voyage down the block and back. It ran pretty well, though I kept it under 30mph, which was still second gear at light throttle. I have a feeling 3rd gear will be perfect for cruising around town. Anyways, here are a few pics Susan snapped of the event, including a short video.

Currently, the footpegs and kick starter interfere, so I'm installing the peg after getting it kicked over and idling. I'm still messing with the idle adjustment and choke settings, but considering it has a total of 10 minutes on it, it runs pretty good.

Yep, I wore pants and a helmet. I did a quick nut and bolt on it, but you never know what is going to fall off on the first trip!

A bit like a Monkey humping a football. I had originally installed the footpegs in that location assuming I would be sitting on the rear seat. I still haven't decided where I'll be sitting, but I need to, as that will help me finish things up.

Here is a short clip of me riding it. Oh, and Sean: Yes, the brake sucks. Besides it not really working that well, I dislike having it on the throttle hand. So I need to sort my riding position, locate the pegs, and make a rear brake foot pedal/lever.