19 April, 2010

Ballast Point Brewing Big Eye IPA


7% abv

A very crisp and sharp IPA, from nose to finish. It is a bit thick and turbid, with a light syrup feel that coats the glass well. Carbonation isn't very strong, but it doesn't feel flat. If anything, it feels very fresh and young.

Lots of good hop aroma that also has hints of a light bitterness. That bitterness dominates the body, but not in a bad way. It isn't a super pucker bitterness, more of a crisp bitterness that is pretty mellow. It is very enjoyable, which says something, since I typically dislike a bitter IPA. And luckily, it stays mellow through the finish too, but keeps the great taste it offers up front.

Possible my favorite bitter IPA I've ever had.


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