14 February, 2012

Miyata Assembly - Wiring

Short story made super boring...I got both spark on the Miyata, and an electric starter that turns the engine over. I realize that sounds normal, but considering I have no wiring diagrams, and that some of the wiring was disconnected when I got it, I'm amazed I got it on the first try.

As luck would have it, the big red wire from the key connects to the red wire on the main harness, which then connects to the starter relay and coil output. So my first try, it made the sparkies and the button on the right handlebar activates the starter. It is strange having an electric starter on a bike. My thirteeen other little dinks just have a kick starter.

I just need a 12v battery that fits in the battery tray. And then I guess I can put some fuel in the tank, mount up the exhaust, and maybe it will run?


kath said...

Mr. A says he is super impressed!

hayden said...

hey chris, super impressive restorations. was hoping you may be able to help me with my project (wiring issues). my 1966 Kawa F2 has an old mitsubishi regulator, and i can figure out what the "M" is for. would appreciate any help, everything else connected.

This is my first experience with a bike.

your a legend!