22 February, 2012

Miyata Assembly - Why Hello There!

It speaks!

Thanks to a new petcock from Treatland and a new 12v battery from Pep Boys, the Miyata started right up and ran great. I didn't even need to adjust the idle or idle mixture. The petcock uses a M16x1.0 bung, and luckily some Puch mopeds and Ducatis use this size. It threaded on like a champ, and thanks to a glass fuel bowl in the bottom, it is easy to see fuel flowing.

Now I get to turn my attention to all the little details, like getting some chrome re-finished, making a rear taillight, finding some rear turn signals, and new Miyata script logos for the side covers and handlebars. All the fun stuff.

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juul09 said...

Hello chris , what's up !!!!! 7 days and no blog !!!the green meanie looks great .cheers julian leusden holland