06 June, 2011

Random Beer Stuff - Mead, Caldera, Hops

My first Mead! A sparkling sweet mead courtesy of a friend, Kari, who swapped me this and some brew offerings for an old push mower I hadn't used in years. It was interesting to try, as I've never had a mead before. very bubbly, not overly sweet, and packed a good punch:

An offering from Caldera Brewing in Ashland, OR. A very nice Amber, in a can. I wouldn't have been able to tell it came from a can though. Great maltyness with a good solid amber bite of nuts in the middle. Very yummy:

The hops are doing pretty good, especially considering how cool and wet this year has been. Things should take off this week though, as temps will be hitting the mid 80s through the end of the week:


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