11 June, 2011

Homebrew: Cream Ale

I brewed up a cream ale a few weeks ago, and it turned very nice. I totally forgot the irish moss, so it is cloudy, but still tasty.

Batch 2.20 gal
Gravity 1.057 OG
Estimated FG 1.014 FG
Recipe Bitterness 31 IBU
Alcohol by Volume 5.5%
Recipe Color 3° SRM
Alcohol by Weight 4.3%

1.35 lb Briess LME - Golden Light Extract Extract
0.50 lb Flaked Corn Adjunct Mashed
0.50 lb Flaked Oats Adjunct Mashed
0.75 lb MrB. Booster Sugar Other
0.50 lb Two-row (US) Grain Mashed

0.40 oz Magnum Whole 30 minutes
0.30 oz Cascade Whole 12 minutes
0.40 oz Cascade Whole 0 minutes

0.20 unit Generic ingredient Other 2oz maltodextrine
0.50 unit Safale S-05 Dry Ale Yeast Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS

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