19 June, 2011

Bridgestone BS-7: Fiddling

So, what happens when a Bridgestone 90 sport front fork setup fits on a BS-7, with a little modification? This:

The stock BS-7 front fork setup is the older leading link style, with a pressed steal fork body. It happens to be severely mangled, so I either need to spend a weekend with some sheet metal and sheers, or find another front fork assembly. In the meantime, I wanted to see if this spare set of 90 Sport telescopic forks would fit.

I'm not sure why, but I'm losing interest in doing a "normal" restoration on this bike. I think it's because I'm already tired of cleaning old parts! And stripping paint, and sanding, and...you get the idea. Part of the fun of building something is to be able to take random spare parts and put them to use. In this case, I'm having visions of a replica 50cc racer. Something like these guys:

If I got his route, I'm going to have a goal of not modifying the frame or any of the BS-7 parts, that way if I ever decide to return it back to stock, I can. I'm thinking a custom tank, seat, and even a fairing. I know most of this stuff is available online, but it is all a bit expensive. So maybe I'll make the parts. Not sure how I'll make a fairing, but it could be a fun project.


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