31 May, 2011

Oakshire Brewing O'Dark:30

Oakshire Brewing O'Dark:30
6.3% ABV

A nice hoppy Cascadian Dark Ale. I've had a few different CDA varieties lately, and this has been my favorite so far. Fairly mellow aroma, but a nice mix of malt and hops in the flavor profile. It has a fair bit of bitterness on the back end, as the 70 IBU count would suggest.

A nice offering from Eugene, Oregon.


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sean said...

We just had an Oakshire tasting here last week -- got to meet and chat with the head brewer and one of the founders, who were serving the beer. Nice folks -- the O'dark is one of my favorite CDAs, although I think I prefer the HUB secession, and my homebrewed one :)