21 May, 2011

FV "Big" Engine Kablamo Teardown

Roughly a year ago, the "big" engine I had built for the FV went kablamo. I think I over-revved it on a downshift into Turn 14, as I heard a slightly off pitch sound. Then across the finish line it went kablamo in a big way. I found a hole in the block, a loose piece of piston ring, and some chunks of random aluminum.

In anticipation of taking my 1200 motor up to Oregon for Mr. A to rebuild (it isn't broken, just needs a freshening) I needed to grab the flywheel and clutch assembly off the kablamo engine. So I set about getting the car into position for working on:

After an hour or so of work, I had this:

Hello hole, how you doin?

Rockin' the headband and dirt knees:

Cylinder #3. That is what remains of a piston, piston ring, and connecting rod:

Buckets of bits, and a handful of rod, complete with piston pin still attached. I'm thinking the piston took a beating:

The other side of the engine, cylinders 1 and 2. Lots of debris in the cylinder/combustion chamber. Looks like some carnage from cylinder #3 got pulled through into the intake path:

I'll probably split the case apart tomorrow, to see how much carnage the crank and cam suffered.


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