05 August, 2010

Van runs, and rides around the yard bouncing over curbs while going slowly...

Sorry for the lack of detail photos, but I've been working most evenings and by the time I'm ready to snap pictures, it is dark out. So, here is a crappy photo off my phone of Vanilla Thunder after he putted around the neighborhood for 10 minutes.

The biggest items that got attention yesterday and today, included:

-Built a complete exhaust system, terminating in the used FMF Powercore II muffler with USFS stamped spark arrestor.

-Built a kickstand. Since the bike is 3 inches taller, the center stand wouldn't work, and I couldn't lengthen it as it would interfer with the large rear sprocket. So I built from scratch a simple kickstand that mounts on the "passenger" of the bike, attached to stock holes and brackets.

-Installed the large Trail 55 rear sprocket and made up a longer section of drive chain.

-Made up a new fuel line system with a small see-through fuel filter. I find having a visible way to make sure fuel is flowing helps with troubleshooting.

-And a bunch of other small details...

It fired right up, and I was able to put around the yard in second gear, enjoying the very plush suspension as I climbed up and down massive 5" curbs.

I still have several small jobs to finish it up in time for Saturday's event, including making a seat of some sort, adjusting the valves, changing the oil, lubing the chain, and other random bits. I'll also want to pack up some tools and a small box of spares.


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sean said...

Awesomely quick work on this project!

You shouldn't worry too much about the seat you make, since you'll be standing up most of the time anyway. A nice piece of quarter-inch plywood (the good stuff with one really nice smooth side) cut to just cover the seat/tank area with nice smooth edges would be plenty.