02 August, 2010

Van gets some wheels/tires

Susan has named the Trials bike the "Vanilla Thunder." I'm thinking "Van" will be easier to say, especially in front of mixed company.

Anyways...I got a mountain of packages via FedEx and UPS today. Two new trials tires, tubes, rim strips, and a pair of tire spoons that proved much easier for dismounting and mounting than using half a dozen screwdrivers. I also received the FMF muffler and spark arrestor, so I'll be able to fab up an exhaust.

After getting the tires mounted in the air conditioned living room, I played in the garage for a bit cleaning, painting, and assembling the rear sprocket. I also mounted up a pair of rear shocks mounts from a Trail 55 frame. These mount the rear shocks outward about an inch, so that they bolt to the outside of the swingarm. This leaves room for the big rear sprocket.

No great photos, as I was too busy working away. But here is a quick snap of Van sitting on his fresh wheels:

Still a bunch of small details to finish up, including fabbing a complete exhaust. If things go smooth, we'll try to hit up this Sundays Trials event. If not, there are several events left in the season.


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Steffi said...

congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.
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