08 August, 2010

Detail shots of Big Van

I finally snapped a few photos of the Trials bike, as shown below.

Note ghetto lane number using electrical tape. Eventually, I get some white vinyl that says "PL-4":

Fabbed up exhaust terminates in a used FMF Powercore II muffler, complete with USFS Spark arrestor:

Overall ride height is increased about 3-inches front and rear thanks to Trail 70 rear shocks, and Trail 55 front shocks with a few spacers:

Seat version 1.0. Just some rubber foam pad on top of the tank. I may get another Cub solo seat, as I could use the extra cushioning transporting to each section:

Original Trail 55 rear shocks mounts. These fit over the normal shock mounts, and attach to the chassis with three bolts. This allows the shock to be installed outboard of the swing arm, giving more room for the larger rear sprocket:

Original tiny little 14mm Keihn carburetor:

Crankcase takes roughly 0.6 liters of oil. I should probably change it after the use it got yesterday:

Timing cover provides quick access to point and timing marks:

Longer Trail 70 rear shock:


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