01 August, 2010

Some Assembly was Required

A few quick pics of the Trials C100 project, after paint and some basic assembly and wiring.

Those are modified Trail 70 rear shocks. I'm guessing on the final ride height, but have a bit of adjustment left with the spring seats and shims.

I decided against using my homemade front leading links. Mostly because I couldn't get them to fit inside the fork housing. And instead of spending a day making them slimmer, or making new ones, I investigated modifying the front shocks. I used a combination of Trail 55 front shocks and springs, C100 upper mounts, and a few shims to jack up the front height about "this" much. It may not be enough, but I won't know until I get the wheel/tires installed and some weight on the bike.

I also got most of the wiring installed, so I'm about ready to put the motor back in and start fabbing up an exhaust. I grabbed a FMF exhaust with a spark arrestor off ebay, which should be here in a couple days. I need the spark arrestor to be legal, and I wanted enough muffler to keep it quiet.



sean said...

That thing's gonna be a hoot! You gonna put on a huge rear sprocket so it'll omax out at 15mph but can climb trees?

Chris said...

That's the plan. The Trail 55 I used to build Ratty came with a huge rear sprocket. I would love to be able to plod along in 2nd gear at a standstill. 1st gear is already super low even with a normal rear sprocket.