17 February, 2010

Traded the F250 in: UPDATED

Not really. Big Hank is in for some repairs and maintenance, so I got a brand new Ranger on loan. No offense to Ranger owners, but what a POS. You'd think Ford could update the Ranger sometime in the last two decades. But hey, at least they have the el cheapo small truck market cornered, right?

UPDATE: I spent some more time in the Ranger during lunch, running on the hwy and in Chico. It rides quite rough, and makes a lot of road and engine noise. However, Im surprised how peppy it is. They apparently stuffed the Focus motor into the Ranger sometime in the past couple years, very recently put in a 5spd auto. It has very nice close gearing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Like the kind of close gearing most sporty cars would love to have. It also has a great overdrive and lockup feature on the torque converter. So it acts like it has 6 gears out on the road. This would be a fine little commuter truck, and would probably tow the FV just fine on flat ground. But Im looking forward to getting Big Hank back.

BTW, Big Hank apparently suffered a broken RF leaf spring and a bad shocks. Along with bad axle seals. Glad Im not paying that repair bill.


sean said...

Sweet ride.

My mom has about a 10-year-old V6 step side Ranger, and loves it... :-/

Chris said...

Despite having about 50hp, it still struggles to actually put power down, thanks to a super bouncy rear axle. Maybe the heavier V6 models are a little more settled?

sean said...

I dunno, although it does get like 10mpg out of its massive V6, so that's obviously a bonus.