18 February, 2010

Black Butte Dam

Despite working in Orland for about five years, I've never ventured very far to the west. In fact, I'm not sure I've made it past the Taco Bell. So today I took Reginald (the Ranger) out for a cruise. We hit up Black Butte Lake. Who knew there was a large body of water out in the middle of rocky pastures, with actual butte type overlooks?

Reginald getting a tan

Black Butte Dam

The Lake, looking a little murky

This was actually a nice area. They have several parking areas and boat ramps, with picnic tables and facilities.


ps: photos came from my phone, so excuse the kwality.


sean said...

You named your Ranger "Reginald"? Isn't that a bit grand for a base model ranger? You could've picked "Randy" or or "Ruprecht" or "Rick" (Heh, "Ranger Rick", get it? I kill me.)

"My dear Reginald, do please be a gent and get me my pipe and smoking jacket, eh whatwhat?"

Chris said...

Reginald is more sophisticated than he looks. Pip pip cheerio.