11 February, 2010

Random Snaps

Since I had Susan's little point and shoot with me today, I decided to spend my lunch wandering aimlessly through the back acres at work, where we keep lots of random non-inventoried items. I.e. scrap. This is me being artsy fartsy.

Old 6' diameter RCP providing a border wall from the wild jack rabbits

One of many bins of spent rebar

What a cast iron grate looks like after many years

Ancient turn buckle

Safety first

Rather large diameter RCP internal form


Not quite the great wall of China

Unintentional pavers

Bulk pipe


Dead soldiers

Crusty wire mesh

Old "pylons" from the boom truck test course



sean said...

Nice! I especially like the depth and texture of "crusty wire mesh"

Chris said...

you would like something crusty