07 February, 2010

Black Diamond Steep Trail Amber Ale

Black Diamond Steep Trail Amber Ale


5.7% alc.

Many moons back, I picked up a case of beers from Costco, that was a selection from Black Diamond. It included an IPA, a Wheat, something else, and this Amber. About half of the bottles were pure crap. They poured super foamy, and didn't taste for shit. While rumaging through the fridge, I came across the Amber, and recalled that I actually liked it. So, I gave it a go. It poured all proper like, and tastes good. So that's a start!

I actually enjoy this beer. Is has a nice hearty color and aroma, and a body to match. Slightly nutty, very malty, and a little bit fruity on the after taste. It is a bit flat, but of course it has been in the fridge for nearly five months. I'm combining this with some tuna melts for lunch, and a DVR of "Bullit" on the new TV.


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