16 February, 2013

Scraps - Building a Seat

I wasn't able to find a complete Yamaha YG1-T seat for use on Scraps, so I decided to build a new seat pan and mounts for a seat that could accept a new vinyl cover for the Yamaha seat.  I ended up finding a bunch of scrap metal in the "free" bin at the local steel yard, so I set about cutting, grinding, drilling, and welding.

Then I made a few brackets for mounting the fuel tank, seat, and a luggage rack off a C100.  Nothing is pretty at this point, just raw steel in the correct shape.  I'll need to spend some time rounding off corners and making things much cleaner looking.  the front bracket mounts the rear of the tank, and the front of the seat pan. Like the Yamaha seat, I used slotted brackets up front that slide over a horizontal bar.  Then the rear of the seat bolts to a bracket.

And then this morning, I started fabbing up the exhaust.  I wanted a mid-pipe, and I was able to use a bunch of different curved pipe scraps to build the thing from cylinder head back to where I plan on mounting a simple muffler.  It hugs the frame pretty tight, and I gave it a gentle turn around the rear shock.  The whole thing will likely get wrapped and have a small heat shield in the general leg area.

New seat pan, made from scrap sheet metal

Front bracket mounts tank, and front edge of seat
Start of exhaust build.  Simple mid-pipe

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