02 February, 2013

American Pale Lager

A bit of homebrew this time.  Since I've been brewing some lagers, I decided to do a combo of a malty lager, with some citrus hop style pale ale character.  And it worked. I lagered it for four weeks, and this is my first taste.  A great balance of rich malt aroma and flavor, with the citra hops poking through.

Basic recipe for a 2.25gal batch:
2# two row
2# munich
1# aromatic
1# crystal 20L
-Magum hops for bittering, and citra hops at 10 minutes to go, and more citra for dry hopping in secondary.
-Saflager S-23 lager yeast I've re-pitched five times from other recipes
-Calcs say 18 IBU, 14 srm, OG was 1.052 with FG of 1.011 for 5.3%

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