10 February, 2013

Project Intro: Scraps

Since I've been taking care of so many little loose ends on older projects lately, I thought I would start the process of dreaming up a new project.  This time, I'm going to pull as much from the parts bins as I can, which is why I'm calling it Scraps.  The basic rundown is:

-Honda C110 frame I got for free a couple years ago
-Freshly rebuilt C100 leading link front suspension I had modified for use on the trials bike
-Scrap rear adjustable shocks I got for free when I bought the rear wheel for El Guapo
-Set of lightly used 2.75x17 Trials tires (no longer used by the Trials bike since I went with the 18" setup
-Gas tank from the parts bin
-I'll build up a pushrod 50cc Honda motor, in fact I have a couple runners on the shelf
-handlebars, seat, pegs, brackets etc., all pulled from the parts bin

As with my other recent projects, I'm going to do a complete assembly with the crusty parts, before making everything all pretty with paint and polish.  I've decided to go with a very simple Scramlber type look.  Slightly raised suspension, high-pipe, maybe a solo seat, luggage rack, fairly stripped down.  I have no idea what color I'll paint it.  

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