28 January, 2012

Miyata Details - Wheels/Tires

As if some of the details on this Miyata weren't weird enough, guess what I discovered when I started tearing down the wheels? It doesn't use a conventional 17" or 18" motorcycle wheel/tire. It uses some strange 1960 bicycle style setup. The tire and tube are marked "22x2.25" and the tire has a protruding lip that fits into a corresponding groove in the wheel mounting surface.


So here is the problem. The original wheel rims are horribly pitted chrome. Also the tires look to be originals, and are dry cracked. I was assuming I could replace the rims with new/spare 17" rims like used on the Honda Cubs I have so many of. Or the 18" rims from the Honda S90s I have. Not quite. The stock rims measure somewhere in between a 17" and 18" rim.

That means the wheel spoke length won't be ideal. too short for 18" rims, too long for 17" rims. I could cut about 1/4" off the spokes, but the threads won't be deep enough. So I would need to re-thread 72 spokes. And I'm sure it is a very small, fine thread that I might not have a die for.

But the land of Bangkok came to my rescue. When I ordered new spokes for the Kawasaki project, I noticed some vendors offered generic spokes in different lengths. So maybe I could get a set of spokes that were longer or shorter, without paying a custom spoke shop to make me new ones at $3 a spoke.

The stock spokes measure roughly 192mm long. I found the same joint that I got the Kawi spokes from have 184mm sets, with brand new nipples. I did some measuring, and it looks like these will work just dandy in conjunction with the 17" wheel rims. Which is great, because I have two very nice 17" rims, two 17" tubes and rim strips. All I need are two new tires.

So I spent the afternoon stripping down the stock wheel assemblies so I can clean up the hubs. And I'll place an order for my new spokes once I get a full price for two sets with shipping from the land of Bangkok.

Hopefully this grand plan works.

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