22 January, 2012

Miyata Details 1

I couldn't help myself. I wanted to see the condition of the top end on the Miyata Engine. It turns over very nicely, so I knew it wasn't frozen up. As it happens, the cylinder looks fantastic. Very clean bore, no scoring at all. And since I don't have any specs, I was curious what type of carb it runs, and what spark plug. Of course the spark plug has likely been changed, and who knows if it is the correct one. But at least I know the thread pitch and reach are correct.

Interesting combustion chamber shape, with offset plug location:

Amal carb? Really? An Amal 392 to be specific. I'll have to research this monster to see how big it is. PS: I don't have big hands, so you can compare the size of the inlet to my thumb in this pic:

BTW, the spark plug was a Champion L90C. Which corresponds to a NGK B4H.

Edit: For Sean and Mr. A:

I did some google searching on the Amal 392. I found this posted on the VJMC list:

"To help aid in identifying what might have used this 392 Amal I have posted
photos and they are in the 7th group on first page. 20mm bore on mounting
flange with a bolt spacing of 38mm. Thanks for your interest and help.

Wally Skirman"

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sean said...

So cool that Wally is helping from beyond the grave.