13 February, 2011

Feather Falls Brewery - Lunch and Beer!

Local casino opened up a new brewery a few months ago, and finally got the license to serve its own brews:http://www.featherfallscasino.com/brewing-co

We hit it up for lunch today, as detailed on Susan's blog here: http://susan-hartman.blogspot.com/2011/02/eatin-good-in-ville.html

Excellent sampler platter, featuring seven of their brews, in 4oz. glasses.

Here are some quick comments:

Dancing Trees - Hefeweizen
This was quite possibly the best Heff I've had. Lovely fruity notes, with lots of banana and orange and honey.

Feather Falls Thunder - Apricot Wheat Ale
Another great wheat, with wonderful apricot aroma and taste.

Maidu Pale Ale - American Pale Ale
Very good, light hop aroma, with practically no bitterness on the aftertaste.

Naughty Native - American IPA
Probably my least favorite, and not because it wasn't good. It just didn't have any strong IPA kick like it should. Very mellow hop flavor, with light bitterness. Overall very tasty, but it needs more pop.

Coyote Spirit - Amber Ale
Also pretty mellow for an amber, but tasty. A bit more bite in the body, with a nice dry finish.

Broken Arrow - Dark Ale
This was my favorite, because it was a perfect combination of a porter/amber/brown. If that makes sense. Great nutty body with hints of chocolate and coffee.

Blackjack Brew - Sweet Stout
This was Susan's favorite, as it was actually a milk stout. Not overly sweet, but just enough to blend with chocolate and coffee flavors to produce a good tasty mouthful.

So yes, it was a grand success. Great beer and excellent food. A wonderful afternoon with my honey.


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sean said...

Cool, glad the brewery and brews were good! Those little 4-oz glasses are adorable.