15 February, 2011

Homebrew: Hopster

Sean will be proud of me, a homebrew without fruit, honey, or wood. Just a good old Pale Ale tilted toward flavor and aroma hops, with a toned down bitterness. Based off a Mr. Beer Canadian Draft extract, with a partial grain mash of two-row and 20L Crystal.

And surprisingly, it worked! Lots of fresh hop aroma comes off the stiff peaky foam. Flavor is also very hoppy, with a real smoothness throughout. It has just enough bite on the backend, but isn't overly bitter.

Recipe Characteristics
Recipe Bitterness 57 IBU
Alcohol by Volume 4.7%
Recipe Color 11° SRM
Alcohol by Weight 3.7%

1.21 lb MrB. High Country Canadian Draft Extract Extract
1.00 lb Crystal 20L Grain Mashed
1.00 lb Two-row (US) Grain Mashed

0.56 oz Centennial Whole 30 minutes
1.00 oz Cascade Whole 15 minutes
1.00 oz Crystal Whole 8 minutes

1.00 unit Irish Moss Fining 1/2 tsp
1.00 unit Mr. Beer Dry Ale Yeast Yeast Temperature Range: 68°-76° F 2.0 GRAMS



sean said...

Nice! Good for you -- the simple stuff can actually be harder to make well, adjuncts can hide flaws that would stand out in a "plain" beer.

And what's the volume of the recipe? Based on the ingredients and resulting alcohol I'd imagine a gallon or two...?

Chris said...

2.2 gallons is usually what I brew. And I'm actually trying to keep the ABV low, since I'm drinking more of it. I've done a 9% brown and a 8% IPA that have needed months in the bottle to mellow out.