16 January, 2011

More Bridgestone Updates: Footpegs and Rear Brake Lever

After a successful morning fabbing up a new rear brake lever, brake light switch bracket, and mounting new footpegs, I took the Bridgestone for a short ride. Holy smokes does the fat expansion chamber pipe make a difference. When you only start with 9hp, picking up 1 or 2 more feels pretty damn amazing.

Stock passenger footpegs mount right up to the swingarm, and are roughly 2-inches lower than previous fabricated pegs:

Rear brake lever is made from 1/2" aluminum scrap I had in the bin, and uses a Honda Cub footpeg as the toe kicker. Honda Cub also provides the rear brake switch, and mounts with a small aluminum angle bracket:

A very nice improvement. Much better positioning on the bike, and enough room to get at everything should I need to make any adjustments.



CB-Viguur said...

looking nice, really makes me want to get a Bridgestone also.

sean said...

That big expansion chamber makes that thing look way meaner. I dig it!