15 January, 2011

Canadian Honey Brew

I bottled this "Canadian Honey" two weeks ago, so it was time to try my first bottle. Overall, I'm very pleased. It has a nice light body, but with a well balanced hop flavor from aroma to a light bitterness on the back end. Not a lot of honey flavor, which surprises me, since it was quite honey strong when I bottled it. But still quite good.

Recipe Characteristics
Recipe Bitterness 42 IBU
Alcohol by Volume 4.9%
Recipe Color 13° SRM
Alcohol by Weight 3.9%

0.50 lb Brown Sugar
0.50 lb Crystal 60L
1.00 lb Honey
1.21 lb MrB. High Country Canadian Draft Extract
0.50 oz Centennial Whole 5 minutes
0.50 oz Magnum Whole 30 minutes
Irish Moss Fining 1/2 tspn
Mr. Beer Dry Ale Yeast Yeast
1.00 unit Orange Peel, one large
1.00 unit Vanilla Other 1 tsp


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