06 January, 2011

F250 for a day

Big Hank (the F250 I normally drive) is in getting fresh fluid and a new fuel bowl drain valve, which has been leaking a tiny bit, giving off some sweet fuel smells in the cabin. Instead of the usual Ranger or Focus loaner, I got this:

El Duece. A stripped out F250 standard cab, standard bed, 2wd. I have no idea what V8 gas engine is under the hood, but it makes lovely V8 growls. And thanks to a very short-spaced 5-speed auto trans, this thing books. It makes my big lumbering diesel seem slow.

Unfortunately, it also makes Big Hank feel like a limo. This is bumpiest vehicle I've ever driven. Worse than the Ranger I had last time. Something about a 3/4 ton chassis with stiff springs and crappy shocks to give you white knuckles while driving down 55mph back roads.

And while the vinyl bench seat, roll-up windows, and am/fm radio aren't super fancy, the fact it heats up in record time and clears the windscreen of ice in a minute was a bonus this morning.

Update: I looked up the specs. El Duece is sporting a 6.2L V8 making 385hp and 405lb-ft of magic. And I was wrong on the auto trans, it is actually a 6-spd auto. No wonder it hauls ass.


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