04 June, 2010

Hissing Owls

Apparently the Mamma Barn Owl shown a few posts below, has puppies. They are living in the spare batch plant out in the yard. We've heard them "hiss" at us as we walk by, but we never knew quite where they were, or how many there were. In fact, we didn't realize they were pups.

So we crawled up the 20-foot ladder and took a peak inside. After nearly crapping ourselves to the sound of these guys hissing at us, I had the courage to stand in front of them holding the digi cam for 10 seconds.

Two of them just sit there and put out an even low hiss. The center one swings his body back and forth and emits a much louder hiss. Kinda creepy!

Video proof! Turn up the sound for full effect.

Who knew baby owls could be so scary?


1 comment:

sean said...

Scary owl is scary!