06 June, 2010

16.9 mile ride

I took Ratty for his first real ride today. Last week was just a quick blast around the immediate neighborhood, but today I put on 16.9 miles of mixed city and valley roads. I ran to OSH Hardware store, blasted downtown, got a thumbs-up from a Chico Cop, and then went out east of town and rode back home around the outside of the valley. I also stopped at a large undeveloped bit of property near our house to snap a few pics, since the light was decent.

Helmet and gloves cooling off after a ride:

Oh, and the muffler seems to work! Fairly quiet, less "pop pop pop" on overrev, and no red hot shards of steel wool firing out the back.



sean said...

Awesome! It looks great.

Billy plus Rachel said...

what kind of rear fork cushions do you have on Ratty?

Chris said...

I think they are off a Yamaha GT80. I have one of those, and it came with an extra box of parts, including rear shocks. I made rubber bushings out of 5/8" heater hose. So far so good!

Billy plus Rachel said...

sweet! It's looking good and I bet it's a super fun ride.