17 May, 2015

New Tools and DKW Work

I splurged on a few new tools for upcoming projects. One is 1/2" sander that worked great this morning. Very easy to use in tight spots, easy to change belts on etc.  

I also picked up a load leveler, which I'll be using as an engine hoist for pulling the motor out of Freddy, in preparation for swapping the transmission. Seems fairly robust, and just the right size.  It's also adjustable so you can tilt the engine one way or the other while it is suspended, in case you need to wiggle it a little bit.  My old "hoist" for the FV motor was a pair of straps, and any wiggling meant wiggle by armstrong, whilst trying to keep things from crashing about.

I haven't posted much about the DKW project, since I've been working on Freddy. But this weekend I finished up all the welding and metal cleanup. It will only require s little bit of body work to fill in a few nicks and scrapes. The new 1/2" sander worked great for getting into tight spots.

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