23 May, 2015

Freddy Engine and Trans Removal

I decided to use this long weekend to get started on removing the engine and trans from Freddy.  Despite only having about 1,500 miles on the trans since it was installed in 1992, it's very grumbly in 3rd and 4th gear, with a lot of noise under gentle acceleration.  So I put on my grubbies and boned up on my favorite cuss words for this messy task.

Engine removal was pretty straightforward, except for the starter.  One nut and one bolt that are pretty impossible to get at with normal tools, especially since Freddy uses lower motor mounts.  My new load leveler engine brace worked great, making it very easy to the engine up and out.

Removing the transmission was also fairly easy, until I actually had to lift it out.  Snatching 76 pounds from ankle height up to chest level, and then stepping over the radiator and front support while still holding it at chest level was a task.  As my neighbor can attest to, I apparently screamed out "damn dirty whore" in the middle of that motion, giving me the inspiration I needed to complete that task.

Best part?  Finding about five pounds of rat shit littering the engine bay floor.  This is going to be a fun cleaning job.


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