23 March, 2015

Fog Lights Installed

I treated Freddy to some Hella 500 fog lights over the weekend.  Install was fairly easy, once I cut a little metal out of the way that held the old rectangular turn signals in place.  These units fit perfectly in the grill opening, between the tow bar mounts and body work.

Wiring the fog lights was easy enough, once I sorted out the fuse box under the dash.  The original owner, Fred Champion, must have added some lights or speakers to Freddy at some point, because there were several "spliced wires" under the dash that were simply two ends of wire twisted together, with no tape or crimp on connections.  All sorted now.

I also mounted the small LED front turn signals to the front grill bar.  You can just see them in the picture.  Being LED, they didn't draw enough current for the stock flasher relay to activate.  So no blinky blink.  But luckily Pep Boys carries multiple types of LED Electronic flasher units, that literally plugged into place.  Overall, I think it is a nice clean look.


1 comment:

kath said...

Good jop on the fog lights! Glad the Pep Boys had the right flasher relay to make the blinky blinks work. You're getting little Freddy lookin' real "up town!"